Should I Purchase or Rent a Water Dispenser?

When looking for a convenient and cost-effective solution for providing your business access to clean, refreshing drinking water, you will have to reach a decision of whether to purchase or rent a water dispenser.

In order to help you make an informed decision, the experts at Coolersense will explore the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

Benefits of Purchasing a Water Dispenser

Purchasing a water dispenser is a long-term investment, so even though the upfront cost is higher than renting, it results in significant cost savings over its long-term usage. You have peace of mind that you fully own the equipment and this ownership enables you to customise its maintenance schedules and other features according to your requirements, offering greater flexibility and control.

Also, when it comes to choosing the model and type of water dispenser to purchase, you have a lot more options. This means you can find the equipment that best meets your specific needs and preferences. From countertop models to freestanding units, hot and cold water options to other dispensers, there are plenty to choose from – especially when you visit Coolersense.

Drawbacks of Purchasing a Water Dispenser

As mentioned above, the upfront cost of purchasing a water dispenser is a lot higher than renting and may be an issue for those that have stricter budget constraints. Plus, the ability to upgrade your water dispenser after purchasing may require additional investment in the future, making it more expensive.

By purchasing a water dispenser, you will have full ownership of the equipment and control over the maintenance responsibilities. Although this may mean with other providers that you are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the dispenser, at Coolersense we craft bespoke maintenance agreements to schedule servicing and filter changes around your timetable.

Benefits of Renting a Water Dispenser

Renting a water dispenser involves minimal upfront costs which makes it a more cost-effective option for those with budget constraints or uncertain usage requirements. Rental agreements are incredibly flexible in terms of contract duration; there is no need for long-term commitments, they work around you and have the ability to be terminated or adjusted accordingly.

Maintenance responsibilities will also fall to the provider, so you don’t have to worry about regular cleaning, filter replacement or repairs. This means you can be rest assured your equipment will always be performing to its best. In the future, if you require an upgrade to a newer model or different type of dispenser, it couldn’t be easier with your rental agreement – and there’s no need for extra upfront investments.

Drawbacks of Renting a Water Dispenser

Even though renting a water dispenser offers lower upfront costs, the expenses over time accumulate and may surpass the cost of purchasing the equipment outright. Also, the contractual commitments you will be tied into may be flexible but early termination or non-compliance with terms may result in penalties or fees, so this is something to be aware of.

When renting, you will not have ownership over the water dispenser, so you will have less control over the maintenance schedules and any customisation you wish to add to your equipment. You will have to solely rely on the rental provider for ongoing service and support, however if you choose a dependable company like Coolersense, you will not have to worry.

Purchasing vs Renting a Water Dispenser

Ultimately, this decision will depend on your specific circumstances and business requirements. Your preferences and priorities will be different to the next, so it’s important to consider every aspect before deciding which is right for you.

If you are unsure, then our experts are here to help guide you. Not only do we have a wide range of water dispensers to choose from and payment plans, both purchasing and renting, we also deliver the best customer service and aftercare facilities. Coolersense offer personalised renting options and a reliable partnership for all of your hydration needs.

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