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Everybody has to drink water to stay hydrated, so why not invest in a solution that gives you filtered and chilled drinking water all the time?

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Everybody has to drink water to stay hydrated, so why not invest in a solution that gives you filtered and chilled drinking water all the time?

At Cooler Sense, our range of mains fed water coolers provides you and your business with unlimited fresh and clean water. Connecting directly to your water mains and supplying constant high-quality water, you will save both time and money every single day.

Both hygienic and efficient, our plumbed in water coolers deliver fast, filtered water to your workplace. Like the Titan water cooler, the perfect machine for any facility that calls for high volumes of fresh water in a short space of time. 

No matter what your water requirements are, we guarantee that our mains fed water coolers can satisfy your needs along with our high standards of customer service and professional installation.

Cooler Sense Water Coolers are connected to your mains water supply to give you:

  • No bottles – so no water costs
  • High quality filtered water
  • No lifting of heavy bottles
  • No storage
  • No deliveries
  • No hassle
  • No paperwork
  • …and you can’t run out!

Mains Fed Water Cooler Range

Ultra (Contact-Free Cooler)

The "Ultra" contact-free water cooler, now featuring a foot pedal for each temperature, pictured below

Sleek, stylish and hands free. This Contact free Ultra-Hygienic cooler allows operation by foot pedal to maximise hygiene in these difficult times.

Temperature Options:

  • Chilled & Ambient
  • Hot & Cold
  • Sparkling Available (Special Order Only)

Select +

Select + Anthracite and White Water Cooler

A versatile & sleek water cooler with a contemporary, modern design. A variation on our best seller, the Select + is a water cooler suitable for most office spaces.


  • Models: Floor Standing
  • Temperature: Cold & Ambient

Titan Contactless

Image of our Water Cooler "Titan Contactless", featuring an infrared sensor for contactless dispensing

The Titan contactless water cooler is an innovative solution to the modern day office water cooler dilemma. This model is perfect for staying hydrated, and hygienic, in 2023 and beyond.


  • Models: Floor Standing & Table Top
  • Contact-free infrared operation

Plumbed In Water Coolers
Plumbed In Water Coolers

Plumbed In Water Coolers

If you’re wondering why you should choose plumbed in water coolers from Cooler Sense, here are some benefits you might like the sound of.

First of all, they are cost-efficient. We only want to save you money and, by utilising your building’s water supply that you are already paying for, you are avoiding any unnecessary additional fees. Without paying for bottled water, you don’t have extra costs!

You also don’t have to lift heavy bottles to refill the machine, you never have to replenish it, so plumbed in water coolers are timesaving too. No deliveries, no paperwork, no storage and no hassle – just high quality, filtered water every time. 

We want your water cooler experience to be smooth and seamless, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our advanced technology is built to last, both functional and durable, keeping your water filtered at all times. You can rely on Cooler Sense, on our machines and our dedicated team that are on-hand to help and advise you whenever you need.

Services & Aftercare

To ensure that you are getting the right water cooler for your business, we make sure we understand exactly what you are looking for. This means we take trouble to recognise which model and type would fit your specific needs and requirements.

How many people will be using the water cooler at any one-time? Do you require a cold & ambient or a hot & cold water cooler? Do you have space for a Floor Standing or Table Top? If you are unsure of any of these questions, one of our friendly team members would be more than happy to help you.

We offer different methods of installation, so we are adaptable to individual specifications and to guarantee you have the best quality installation with security and peace of mind. Always aiming for speedy and straightforward installations whilst paying great attention to detail, we strive for an efficient and effective service for every customer.

Our aftercare service is second-to-none when it comes to commitment and dependability. Even with the best machines, things occasionally go wrong, but you will never have to worry or wait in a call queue. You will always be able to talk to a human being about your queries quickly and you will always see fast results. We pride ourselves on our reliable response to any issue and we always strive to get it solved as quickly as possible.

Services & Aftercare
Services & Aftercare

Buying Options
Buying Options

Buying Options

Did you know you can either purchase or rent our mains fed water coolers? This flexibility means that you can choose which buying option is the right one for your company. Our purchase price list for water coolers is available on request, plus you can buy all of your essential water cooler accessories online too.

Renting ensures you can always have the best machine for you with the reassurance that is can be replaced at no extra cost. Our rental deals vary, depending on machine type, quantity and length of agreement. For more information about these arrangements and to find out about frequency of delivery, please contact our team today.

The scheduled servicing and filter changes are always included in the rental packages – it is vital that your plumbed in water cooler remains hygienic. If you purchase a mains fed water cooler, we will tailor a package deal so you will have total peace of mind when it comes to maintenance. Scheduled servicing and high-quality filter changes will be flexible to work around you and you will be covered in the unlikely situation of the machine misbehaving.

We also offer a “Money Back Guarantee”, so if we fail to service your machine within the agreed schedule, we’ll give you the money for that service back. We take pride in our exceptional service levels and welcome any questions you may have about choosing one of our water coolers.

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