Water Coolers for Sale

At Cooler Sense, we offer efficient and reliable water coolers for sale at a very competitive price. If purchasing a water cooler or drinking water boiler suits your budget requirements, then come directly to us for the best deal.

Our purchase price list is available on request where you can discuss your requirements with one of our friendly team members. We understand the importance of budget when it comes to choosing water dispensers for the workplace, so we will always make sure you choose the ideal payment option for you.

For our water coolers, drinking water boilers and TouchTap price lists, please contact us today.

Water Coolers to Buy

When buying a water cooler from Cooler Sense, you will also receive an additional package that is tailored entirely to you. We craft bespoke agreements to every client when purchasing a water cooler, scheduling servicing and high-quality filter changes that work around your timetable.

Our customised package deals give you complete peace of mind knowing that in the unlikely situation the machine misbehaves, you will be covered, and it will be taken care of. Find out more about our flexible services and payment options that work around you today.

Services & Aftercare

The one thing that we pride ourselves on is our customer service and aftercare. When you buy a water cooler or drinking water boiler from us, we want you to feel like you can rely on us. No matter what problems you may face, you will always be able to talk to someone on the phone and we will make sure it gets resolved right away.

Our services and aftercare will ensure that your water dispenser is constantly in the best condition, providing you and your team with fresh, filtered water every day. With our “Money Back Guarantee”, you will get the money you pay for an agreed scheduled service back if we fail to attend.

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Buying a water cooler from us means you are getting a whole lot more; you have a partnership that you can rely on for all of your hydration needs.

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