Bottled Water Coolers

If you are looking for a bottled water cooler for your reception, office or your counter top, look no further than Cooler Sense.

Especially in areas that access to mains water is difficult, bottled water coolers are the perfect solution. Our bottled water coolers for offices are easy to set up, ideal for low volume water requirements, and great for keeping your staff healthy with crisp, cold water at the push of a button.

At Cooler Sense, we only supply the best bottled water coolers along with high quality English spring water or natural mineral water in 15 litre bottles – with no deposits! With disposable and recyclable bottles, you can contribute to a greener, more environmentally friendly planet.

We always want to make sure your water cooler is topped up with fresh water which is why we offer a monthly refill service you can rely on. This way, we both know you are always getting the best quality water for your office.

Bottled Water Coolers for Your Office

Bottled water coolers are perfect for any office – live the cliché of standing round the water cooler, gossiping with your colleagues.

Take a refreshing break from your desk and grab yourself a cool glass of water to rehydrate and refocus. Great tasting water to keep you and your staff going through a busy day at work, your bottled water cooler will be more valuable than you think.

With a simple installation and hassle-free maintenance, your workday won’t be disrupted, and you will be able to enjoy your water quickly and easily. Our range of bottled water coolers will fit into any environment, with their sleek design and innovative technology.

Wondering if a bottled water cooler is better suited for you? Contact us today and we will assist and help you decide the right one for you.

Services & Aftercare

At Cooler Sense, a member of our team will be able to identify if your workspace requires a bottled water cooler rather than a mains-fed water cooler. By assessing the area you wish to install one, we can advise the better option for you.

We also take into account how many people are going to be using it and the general demand for drinking water. All of these factors are incredibly important in making sure that you install the most compatible bottled water cooler.

Dedicated and committed, our aftercare services are second-to-none and our team are completely dependable. You will never have to worry about your machine or have to wait in a call queue as someone will always be available to help. You can rely on us for efficient results.

Buying Options

As well as hydration levels in the office, it is important to keep your budget in check and well-nourished too. This is why we guarantee the best prices alongside our unbeatable customer service and aftercare.

Our rental packages for our bottled water coolers vary depending on type, quantity and length of agreements. Scheduled servicing and filter changes are always included in our rental deals, plus we can add regular water deliveries too, so you never run out.

If you would prefer to purchase a bottled water cooler, our price list is available on request. When it comes to maintenance, you can have total peace of mind knowing that it is taken care of with our tailor-made package deals. The services needed to look after your bottled water cooler will be flexible to work around you.

In the unlikely situation that your machine is not behaving itself, you will be covered so there’s no need to worry. Don’t forget, we also sell a full range of accessories for your water cooler as well.

Get in Touch

When it comes to Cooler Sense, you are not only choosing great quality bottled water coolers, you are gaining great customer service and reliable support. We offer are a one-stop shop for all your hydration needs and provide the complete package.

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