How Do Instant Hot Water Taps Work?

Instant hot water taps have been a godsend to schools, offices, and other work environments over the years. Having boiling water at the touch of the button means grabbing a cup of tea or coffee has never been easier.

How exactly do they work though? If you think they might be more hassle than they’re worth, read this article where Cooler Sense explains how they work and why you should get one for your workplace.

Instant Hot Water Taps & How They Work

Functionality and installation details will depend on what model and type of instant hot water tap you choose. However, they generally boil water using a boiler tank that is plugged into an electricity supply. This could be underneath the kitchen sink, wall-mounted or countertop.

When installing, the boiler tank is attached to the cold water inlet and the dispensing feed is connected to the faucet. So, essentially, the boiler tank will boil the water from the cold water supply.

Additional connections may be required, dependent on your choice of dispensing tap and whether you have filtered chilled or ambient water incorporated too.

Why Install an Instant Hot Water Tap?

Due to the technology, instant hot water taps keep the water at your chosen temperature until you’re ready to use it so it is a much more energy efficient solution than boiling the kettle every time you want a hot drink. As well as energy consumption, they also reduce your water consumption as you only use what you need.

Both of these benefits together result in lower utility bills and a faster way to access boiling water, saving you time and money. Plus, with the boiler tank hidden underneath the kitchen sink or wall-mounted, you will also save kitchen counter space.

Although the initial investment may seem pricey, there are a huge number of cost savings you will make during its life span. Compared to kettles that cost several pence per boil, an instant hot water tap costs several pence per day.

Instant Hot Water Taps from Cooler Sense

Another way to ensure you’re making the best cost-effective decision for your workplace is by coming to Cooler Sense. We take the time to listen to your exact requirements, so we can identify the best hot water tap solution. Plus, we offer flexible buying options to work around your budget.

Along with our aftercare and exceptional customer service, we’ve got the products for you. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our instant hot water taps.